Why not deal with a true craftsman when you are selecting a memorial?


If you are wondering how to buy a headstone, monument or grave marker from a reputable source, you can look to our members to give you options you will not get elsewhere. Today the world is full of “Headstone Sellers” who offer only common “off the rack” memorial designs. Sellers do not design or sculpt memorials, they only sell. True “Monument Builders” do much more than just sell memorials. 

Your source is the most important decision.

Monuments are not just a sideline source of income, they are our passion. We take the time necessary to create unique pieces of memorial art. Rather than simply having customers select a standard design from a book, we work with our customers to create beautiful memorials. Memorials that tell the life stories of those they commemorate. 

The monument companies that are members of the Southern Monument Builders Assn. offer their customers numerous options that mere monument sellers cannot. They offer  quality craftsmanship, flexibility in design, and in many cases, experience spanning several generations. Also, member firms agree to adhere to a strict Code of Ethics. Contact one of our members today. There is a difference!